Development as Unfolding: Permaculture, Rights of Nature, and the Re-inhabiting of Abundance

Reinhabiting Abundance (update)-Tittle dissertation

P1280511Christopher Andrew Tittle
MA Economics for Transition Dissertation * Schumacher College 2012

This paper offers an experiential, as well as academic, inquiry into the processes of modern industrial development in the context of Nepal. Seeking to contextualise Western epistemology as one particular worldview among many, it examines the pervasive effects of the intensified commodification of Nature under such programmes as REDD+ and the “Green Economy.” Exploring emerging alternatives such as Rights of Nature, permaculture, and a renewed validation of a resilient culture of sufficiency, this paper offers an alternative understanding of development as the unfolding of human potential in relationship with the ecological world. Through these multi-scale, self-organising alternatives, the possibility of re-inhabiting the innate abundance of living well in place emerges.

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