This is a blog that initially emerged out of my inquiries in Schumacher College’s MA Economics for Transition, and continues through my life and work in the streets of Oakland, California.

An exploration of a world beyond “economics,” and what it means to participate in the larger movement towards a more integrated, just, and resilient world; ‘a world where many worlds fit,’ as the Zapatistas say.



10 thoughts on “?

  1. Hi Chris,
    Love to learn with you! So far you came up with quite a few inspiring new thoughts, ideas & visions. Thank you for that!
    Lets keep in touch,
    “met een warme groet”,

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for keeping this blog. The content is important and insightful. Particularly, the exploration of a gift economy is excellent and succinct! I’m very interested in how the flow of perceived value shapes culture, and how this can transform our culture. I’ll follow your blog with enthusiasm! I’m exploring some similar terrain with a focus on positive scale free health and ecological medicine at http://www.EcoHolos.com.


    Nathan Daley

    • Hi Nathan, thanks very much for reading and commenting. It’s a pleasure to hear about your work on holistic health and ecological healing, something I will be fascinated to read more about.
      Indeed, the flow of values and meaning through culture seems to be at the heart of the new paradigm we both seem to be embracing. The perception that disciplines like medicine and economics could be value-free is probably at the root of so many of our collective ills.

  3. Dear Chris, I found your blog through a google alert for keywords ‘community currencies’ which showed me your recent article ‘Emergence and Structure: Creative tension in collaborative design and facilitation processes’. After reading your article I looked into the Economics for Transition program and the teachers involved. I have a project you may be interested in, and that your mentors may be interested in as well. It’s a software tool for managing independent barter and trade networks in a community setting. I’m wondering if you or any of your fellow students and especially if you might know a professor or two that would like to get on board as an advisor to the project, or to empower the operation in any way, as i believe my barter-sites mission fits well with the Economics for Transition frameset.

    • Thanks for getting in touch and many apologies for such a delayed response. The barter software looks pretty interesting and is definitely the type of thing that fits with our Change the Exchange inquiry. Unfortunately, the taught portion of our masters has just come to an end so all my colleagues and I have scattered around the world to work on various dissertation projects. Its a bit late for any of us to get directly involved in this project now, but I’ve mentioned it to our lecturers. Perhaps its something future classes could be involved in. Its exciting to see how many such initiatives are cropping up around the world! Best of luck to you

    • Hi Jem, I hope the meeting with Michelle was fruitful and thanks again for contacting us. I’d love to hear if anything came out of the meeting. Cheers!

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